When does having a celebrity endorsing your product or service increase your sales?

A celebrity endorsement is one of the most powerful things you can obtain for your business. Businesses large and small use them, from perfumes to fitness classes. The price, if indeed you pay anything, can also vary considerably depending on the situation and your negotiating ability.

I’ve had clients who have paid thousands of pounds to secure a celebrity endorsement for their product and I once had a client who secured a well known MMA fighters recommendation free of charge for his fitness business after 8 weeks of intensive training. Both were great investments and boosted profits.Here are some valuable lessons I’ve learnt from using celebrities at my first company over 10 years ago and over the years for various clients.1. The celebrity needs to be relevant to your target market. You may not know who Tom Zanetti is, but hundreds of thousands of young people from and around Leeds in the UK do, and they absolutely love him. So he can charge thousands of pounds to people who want to reach their target market.Frank Bruno is well known and loved by almost everyone over the age of 30, but you wouldn’t book him for an event or to endorse a product designed for 17 and 18 year olds.

2. Celebrities are a fantastic way to reach the mobile generation. I go into this in depth in my book, The Mobile Marketing Solution, but here i’ll be brief. Because you’re in a constant battle for attention when it comes to mobile, having a celebrity visible within a video, or images on your website makes people take notice, and gives you longer to get your message across. If someone your customer trusts and admires has endorsed your product or service, they’ll be more likely to take the next step and convert to a lead or customer for your business.

3. Do not be shy to show off your endorsement. It could be a picture of a handshake, a video endorsement or even you both with a beer smiling at the camera. Send it out to your customers and potential customers over email. Remember if it’s someone your customers or prospective customers admire or trust, they’ll be happy to receive it. It doesn’t even have to be an email about your business it could be just to tell them who you met last week. As long as you’ve been in contact over email regularly in the past, this can have a positive effect on your sales and customer relationships.

3.1 Videos of celebrities endorsing youIf you have a video of a celebrity talking about you or your business in a positive fashion, or actively endorsing your product or service then you should be using the in your marketing to mobile users. Send out emails to your list with a picture and then direct link to the videoHave specific mobile landing pages with a video first approach and include this within the videoUse the video as the start of a Facebook video marketing campaign

4. Negotiate with agents to save money when booking a celebrity for an event or to get an endorsement. This technique is something I do with my private coaching clients but essentially agents are out to get the maximum money for their client (the celebrity) as easily as possible. It’s their job. So they won’t guarantee up front about their client doing Facebook, Twitter, Instagram Posts, Videos or anything like that. You need to ask and negotiate it in as a guarantee. They provide tremendous value and you once you have them, they’re yours forever to use in your website videos, Facebook ads and so on.