The Mobile Revolution is here

Over 50% of all website traffic is now via mobile. The Mobile Revolution has arrived and it cannot be ignored any longer

I wrote an entire book about taking advantage of the opportunities brought by the Mobile Revolution, reaping the benefits for your business. But if you want to see why the solutions will reap you such significant reward, it’s important to spend a few minutes focusing on what to expect if you do not take action and join the mobile revolution. The chances are you’re already experiencing at least some of these pains from resisting right now. 

If you’re just starting a new business then this is actually a great opportunity to avoid these entirely by building your website with the mobile revolution in mind. This can be somewhat tougher than it sounds because you’ll almost certainly be having your website designed by someone (or yourself even) using a desktop who may not have mobile view and editing tools available. You must keep priorities in mind.I identify more than 10 potential issues with my clients which we work through to avoid. Here’s just 3 to get started with, and make sure you avoid!

1. Expect to have lower sales.

It might be lower sales across the board, lower sales for new products or services you release, but across the board your sales will decline, fail to meet expectations and certainly not reach their potential. It could be due to your checkout process being too long and untidy for mobile visitors, your landing pages looking strange on a mobile, or people getting frustrated because they have to copy and paste your telephone number. Or it could be that you’re getting less lead enquires (more about that below) and therefore even if you convert your prospective clients at the same rate a before, you’ll still have less sales. Perhaps your sales page or website in general takes too long to load on a mobile phone?Or a combination of all three.

Key immediate and actionable takeaways:

  1. Is your checkout process short and simple?
  2. Check your conversion rate of  visitor to prospective client (lead) over time
  3. Does the sales page load quickly and look good on a mobile

2. Lower website traffic

One place you’ll see a real drop off in traffic will be from Google, who unless your website is mobile friendly will drop you very quickly from it’s mobile search results. If they haven’t yet and you don’t have a mobile friendly website, change quickly or wait for the “Googlebot” to to crawl your website and then drop you. Did you know that in 2018 Google will be indexing it’s search results by crawling websites MOBILE FIRST? This is an issue that can’t wait if any significant part of your traffic is from organic search results.It won’t only be Google however, once customers are used to having to wait a long time for your webpage to load, or it having an unusable layout for them on their phones, they’ll stop coming altogether, if you have a large Facebook following, Twitter, send direct mail or anything which encourages prospective clients or existing clients to visit your website, you’ll find people simply don’t want to visit if it’s going to be tough for them to use.

3. If you don’t adapt you can fall into one of a number of vicious circles:Here’s one example for you:

Lower enquiry rate from new customers due to a poor mobile website > Lower sales to new customers > Less existing customers > Less Repeat Business > Less referral business > More money spent on recruiting new customers > Lower enquiry rate from new customers due to a poor mobile websiteMobile advertising spend in the UK has now surpassed that on desktop and from just over 5% in 2010, web pages loaded on mobile devices has now reached over 50%. More people surf the web on a mobile, than on a desktop. It’s an undeniable fact.What’s scary is that more than 50% of marketing budgets are spent being seen on a mobile device, yet less than 10% of the wording, look and landing pages are created specifically for mobile. If you don’t get on board now, you’re taking a huge risk with your financial future, so do it sooner rather than later

Have a great day and implement! James.

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