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Analytics & Reporting

Setting up the right marketing strategy for your business and driving traffic to your website, but it is equally as important to understand where these numbers are coming from. Diving into the analytics of your website, social media or other marketing channels can help you to determine your marketing strategy based on who is buying, who is following you and who to target, as well as keeping track of the progress your business is making. Marketing reporting is needed to determine the next steps your business should take, as well as offering the opportunity to analyse past performance.

Importance Of Reporting In Marketing

One reason to start analysing your performance is because of the numerous benefits of marketing reports. Keeping track of your performance and logging it in the form of a report helps to analyse past data. By setting up monthly reports that contain all data per channel, it helps to track progress and set up specific goals for your marketing strategy. Your digital marketing agency will set up the reports for you, and help you make sense of the analytics. 

Let’s say your organic traffic has dropped 34% in July compared to June. That’s quite a big drop to face in only one month – there might be something more going on. You might have had an offer in June which explains why the revenue was up, or you’ve made changes to your website in July. Ensure to log these types of activities to be able to clarify why certain increases or decreases have happened.

Reporting At James Oakley Media

There are many different ways to analyse your performance and how you’d like to do your reporting, is completely up to your preferences. If you’re visually oriented, you might find graphs work best for you, whilst others might prefer seeing a list with just numbers. 

At James Oakley Media, we create weekly or monthly reports based on our client’s needs and preferences. Usually, we’ll create a separate SEO report, PPC report or email report but if you prefer having one big report that covers everything, that works well too.

Marketing reports can contribute to a better understanding of your audience, as well as identifying where your website needs improvement. Here at James Oakley Media, we can help with your business analyse their performance in the following ways:

  • Visual Graphics
  • Google Search Console Reporting
  • Google Analytics Reporting
  • Shopify Dashboard Reporting
  • Google Data Studio Reporting
  • Ahrefs Reporting
  • Mailchimp Reporting
  • Web Design Reporting
  • Dashboard Reporting

What We Can Do For You

At James Oakley Media, we offer bespoke marketing solutions in everything we do. Whether it’s a bespoke web design you need, a personalised SEO strategy, we’ll make sure that reporting is always included.

We truly believe that the best progress can be achieved if you’re reevaluating your performances, taking the best practices from your data and using this to put together the best marketing strategy for your business. 

We can offer the following bespoke reporting solutions for your business at James Oakley Media:

  • PPC reporting
  • SEO reporting
  • Email reporting
  • Content reporting
  • Keyword rankings report
  • Social media reporting
  • Ecommerce marketing reporting
  • Revenue reporting
  • Competitor reporting


Of course, if you have other ideas about how you want to shape your reports, get in touch with us, as we’re more than happy to set up a bespoke solution for your business.

In June 2021, the team at James Oakley Media created Padel Padel Padel – an informational website that contains the latest news around padel, the best tips for playing padel and padel equipment and clothing. 

The website and SEO for was built from the ground up and in the past year, SEO has seen a massive increase.

Doubled Organic Traffic in 6 months

James Oakley Media created SEO optimised content for the website, built backlinks to increase the website’s authority and fixed any site health issues on the website to make it fast and reliable.

In under a year, we reached the top 10 search results for the keyword ‘padel’, which has a monthly search volume of 11,000 in the UK alone. We nearly doubled the organic traffic in the past 6 months with 44.8% increase (July 2022 vs. January 2022).

Referring domains (Ahrefs, August 2022)
Organic keywords (Ahrefs, August 2022)

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James Oakley Media is based in Brighton and Hove area, but is flexible to meet your team anywhere in the UK or abroad. If you’re looking for an SEO agency, especially if your business is operational in the beauty, wellness or travel industry, then our team at James Oakley Media is more than happy to run you through the growth possibilities for your business.

We have an international team including native Spanish and Dutch speakers, and we also provide German and French language services as well. For any international SEO, website translations or international ad copy, James Oakley Media is able to help your brand out.

To see if we can help grow your revenue and bottom line, please get in touch.