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Part of your branding is the way in which your business communicates with its existing and potential customers. During your branding process, you may have decided to focus on one set tone of voice. For example this could be an informal voice with a chatty tone. This will be translated into your content strategy, meaning that all the written pieces on your website and social channels will be adapted to fit this branded tone of voice. It’s part of your brand identity, and besides that, it helps your clients to get to know both your business  and products better.

What Is Creative Content?

You may have heard of SEO optimised content, so what is creative content and how does it link together? SEO content is written with the goal to start ranking for relevant keywords and increase the organic traffic to your website. This is important both in your blog content, but also, across your website copy as well. This is where creative content comes in. Building a content strategy that is tailored to your brand’s tone of voice and using relevant keywords to boost SEO, will help your business grow organically. 

By getting a creative content agency on board, your content will be written by experienced copywriting professionals who are able to adapt to your tone of voice as well as keeping in mind your mapped out SEO goals. 

At James Oakley Media, we have a team of copywriters that can help you to write creative content that appeals to your target audience. By supplying you with a monthly content calendar that is fully adaptable to your wishes and business needs, you won’t have to give up the control on the content that is going live.

Components Of A Content Strategy

For a content strategy, it’s important to have a brand identity set up that determines who your audience is, how you want to be perceived as a business and what your desired tone of voice is. Based on this information, a marketing agency can help to build out a fitting content strategy and write on-brand content that will appeal to your target audience. 

There are three key components to any successful content strategy within marketing: brand focus, user experience and content distribution. At James Oakley Media, we like to think there’s a fourth component: SEO optimisation. We believe creative content and SEO content should be combined to create the most effective content strategy for your brand. After all, if nobody’s able to locate your content through Google, there’s nobody to read it.

Creative Content At James Oakley Media

From an initial meeting establishing your brand’s tone of voice and desired way of writing to a monthly content calendar containing relevant topics and keywords, James Oakley Media has in-house content experts that can help you communicate your brand identity. Our Director Of Creative Content will ensure all content is up to your standards and expectations, as well as enabling a continuous flow of content by offering the service of uploading the content. Our in-house team of experts has experience working with Shopify, WordPress, Magento, Squarespace, and other eCommerce platforms. This will speed up the process, allowing a continued flow of content and therefore, quicker and better results.

James Oakley Media can help you with the following:

  • Setting up a creative content strategy based on your target audience and tone of voice
  • Creating a monthly content calendar with relevant blog titles based on important SEO keywords
  • Finding gaps in content based on relevant keywords and competitors’ content
  • Setting up a blog overview page on your website to have an easy-to-find library of blogs
  • Creating creative content for email flows, social media posts and other channels
  • Updating blog titles in the content calendar to adapt to your business’ needs
  • Refreshing old blog content to match the right tone of voice and improve SEO
  • Giving a monthly wrap up report with all published content as well as an overview of the next month’s content

What We Can Do For You

It’s a tricky task to align your content, ensure the tone of voice is in line with your brand identity and get content published at the right time. Especially with important dates such as Mothers Day, Easter, Summer Bank Holiday or Christmas, it’s important to not miss any content deadlines. At James Oakley Media, we create a marketing calendar, highlighting any important dates. These dates are included in our monthly content calendar which allows all content to be written on time. 

Here are some of the top creative content services we offer at James Oakley Media:

  • Creative blog content
  • SEO content
  • Social media content
  • Email content
  • Content for promos and offers
  • Offline content such as pamphlets and posters
  • Personalised content 
  • On-brand content
  • Tone of voice 

In June 2021, the team at James Oakley Media created Padel Padel Padel – an informational website that contains the latest news around padel, the best tips for playing padel and padel equipment and clothing. 

The website and SEO for was built from the ground up and in the past year, SEO has seen a massive increase.

Doubled Organic Traffic in 6 months

James Oakley Media created SEO optimised content for the website, built backlinks to increase the website’s authority and fixed any site health issues on the website to make it fast and reliable.

In under a year, we reached the top 10 search results for the keyword ‘padel’, which has a monthly search volume of 11,000 in the UK alone. We nearly doubled the organic traffic in the past 6 months with 44.8% increase (July 2022 vs. January 2022).

Referring domains (Ahrefs, August 2022)
Organic keywords (Ahrefs, August 2022)

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Our Location

James Oakley Media is based in Brighton and Hove area, but is flexible to meet your team anywhere in the UK or abroad. If you’re looking for an SEO agency, especially if your business is operational in the beauty, wellness or travel industry, then our team at James Oakley Media is more than happy to run you through the growth possibilities for your business.

We have an international team including native Spanish and Dutch speakers, and we also provide German and French language services as well. For any international SEO, website translations or international ad copy, James Oakley Media is able to help your brand out.

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