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Sending your customers regular updates via email is important to build a long-term relationship and increase the loyalty of your audience. This will help your business to increase the number of returning customers, as well as helping people at the start of their customer journey to convert. At James Oakley Media, we offer email marketing services for businesses across various industries, including the travel and wellness industry, finance industry, sport industry, food industry and many more. 

What is Email Marketing?

Email is one of the most powerful channels of marketing as it can be deployed in various stages in the customer journey. Potential customers might visit your website, but aren’t ready to purchase just yet. Instead, if it’s set up correctly, they will subscribe to your weekly or monthly newsletter which keeps them up to date with product launches, discounts and can eventually convince them to convert. 

Once they have converted, they can be turned into loyal customers. A massive benefit of using email marketing is that it helps to build valuable relationships with your customers, which can result in them returning and overall more revenue.

Before your business can start sending out weekly emails, you’ll need to build a mailing list first. As we cannot simply collect a bunch of email addresses without people’s consent because of GDPR, you need to get people to sign up. This can be done through a pop up on your website, when they fill in a form or when they’ve purchased an item. Building your mailing list with relevant people will help to boost the conversion rate on your newsletters and emails.

Importance Of Email Personalisations

An email marketing campaign isn’t simply set up by creating an email and sending it out to your existing database. Email personalisation has become increasingly more important over the past years, as it helps to increase the conversion rate and revenue. To attract the correct audience to your business, our team work to  design bespoke templates, input effective calls to action, add in appropriate links to your social media and incorporate interesting facts, GIFs or emojis where needed, and produce enticing and innovative designs across your emails.

Did you know that in a survey conducted by Influencer Marketing Hub, it showed that a personalised email campaign brought in 20% more sales than a standard email? Overall, personalised emails have a higher open rate, higher click-through rate and very likely, a higher conversion rate as well. Reason enough to start building a personalised, targeted email strategy for your business!

In case you’re unfamiliar with what personalisation, here’s a few ways you can give a personal touch to your emails:

  • Using someone’s first name 
  • Adding products to the email that are relevant to the specific customer
  • An email showing the customer what products are in their shopping cart
  • Sending a happy birthday email to customers
  • A personal discount once customers are subscribed for a year

Email Automations At James Oakley Media

As well as investing in email personalisation, email automations are another one to add to your to-do list if you’re looking to expand your business. James Oakley Media is an ROI-focused digital marketing agency based in Brighton, UK. Our team of Email Specialists can set up a relevant, well-performing email strategy consisting of multiple campaigns, personalised email flows and email automations. This entails emails that are automatically sent to the right person, at a specific time. 

Let’s say someone has visited your website, added a product into their shopping cart but left the website without converting. With email automations, it’s possible to set up an email flow that will automatically send a customer a reminder two hours after abandoning their shopping cart. Then, you might choose to send them another email with a personalised discount code after two days if they did not purchase after the first email. This automated flow helps to increase conversions, and only sends relevant emails to your customers without flooding their inbox. 

James Oakley Media can help you with the following: 

  • Expanding or building your business’ email database 
  • Building on-brand email templates that fit your brand guidelines
  • Setting up email flows from scratch
  • Personalising emails by adding personal client data
  • Building automatic email campaigns 
  • Increasing your emails’ conversion rate
  • Building email sunset flows for inactive subscribers

What We Can do For You

Setting up well-converting email campaigns is tricky, especially if you’re looking into personalised and automated emails. At James Oakley Media, we are specialists in building email campaigns that are 100% on brand and relevant for your customers. 

Here are some of the top Email Marketing services we offer at James Oakley Media:

  • Mailchimp email marketing
  • Klaviyo email marketing
  • ActiveCampaign email marketing
  • HubSpot email marketing
  • Automated email marketing
  • Personalised email marketing

In June 2021, the team at James Oakley Media created Padel Padel Padel – an informational website that contains the latest news around padel, the best tips for playing padel and padel equipment and clothing. 

The website and SEO for was built from the ground up and in the past year, SEO has seen a massive increase.

Doubled Organic Traffic in 6 months

James Oakley Media created SEO optimised content for the website, built backlinks to increase the website’s authority and fixed any site health issues on the website to make it fast and reliable.

In under a year, we reached the top 10 search results for the keyword ‘padel’, which has a monthly search volume of 11,000 in the UK alone. We nearly doubled the organic traffic in the past 6 months with 44.8% increase (July 2022 vs. January 2022).

Referring domains (Ahrefs, August 2022)
Organic keywords (Ahrefs, August 2022)

SEO Agency

Our Location

James Oakley Media is based in Brighton and Hove area, but is flexible to meet your team anywhere in the UK or abroad. If you’re looking for an SEO agency, especially if your business is operational in the beauty, wellness or travel industry, then our team at James Oakley Media is more than happy to run you through the growth possibilities for your business.

We have an international team including native Spanish and Dutch speakers, and we also provide German and French language services as well. For any international SEO, website translations or international ad copy, James Oakley Media is able to help your brand out.

To see if we can help grow your revenue and bottom line, please get in touch.